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Men’s Health Today Compared to the Past

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Incomparable to the Past

The health of men has been on a downward trend quite remarkably in recent decades, and until now, the gradient is pretty steep. This encompasses men’s physical health, spiritual health, and mental health, but physical health is predominant here. Statistics as well as reasoning can prove how men have become more susceptible to illnesses and disorders.

Unlike in the past where men have been perceived as tenacious beings impenetrable to opportunistic diseases, as symbols of might and ability, today this is becoming the opposite. Men today are suffering a myriad of illnesses.

Physical Health is the Key

Physical activity translates to physical health. Unfortunately, many men today are a lot less active, less masculine, and less virile than they were in the past. Their lifestyle is smooth with mundane aspects of physical body stimulation.

Factors contributing to the escalation of an unhealthy lifestyle include:

  1. Inactivity: Active bodies are more immune to disease. It’s a medical fact that exercising boosts immunity. More and more men are finding themselves unhappy with their health because of inactivity.
  2. Diet: Too many processed foods, so common now, have been linked to several diseases present in men today. The early man’s diet involved unprocessed and natural foods. Men were nowhere near the risk of intoxicating the body with chemical elements present in the processed foods so many of us now consume. Such foods have resulted in diseases like cancer.
  3. Drugs and Alcohol: Family troubles and general unrest with the current world has impacted the mental and spiritual strengths of men, ultimately resulting in frustration. A refuge from that frustration for many men has always been drugs and alcohol. A consistent consumption of drugs and alcohol can lead to chronic disease.

The Reproductive health of men today is a growing concern. For example, in Australia, 1 out of every 3 men has a reproductive health disorder. The factors listed above are leading contributors to those disorders.

Staying healthy is a challenge, but it ensures our ability to live longer and happier.

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