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Patient Insurance Introduction

Question: Does Medicare or my private insurance cover vacuum therapy products for the treatment of ED?

Answer: YES! Studies have proven that vacuum therapy is an effective treatment for ED. Medicare and private insurance companies recognize this fact and with a doctor’s prescription routinely cover male vacuum erectile device (VED) systems.

Question: How do I get a prescription for VED treatment from my doctor?

Answer: Avoid the potential hassle and awkwardness of approaching your doctor by letting us obtain the prescription for you! Simply call our office at 877-814-6105 or fill out the “Medicare Information Form” now. We can obtain most prescriptions the same day.

Question: If I have insurance coverage, what will I have to pay?

Answer: Pro Comfort Medical has made Medical grade therapy for ED extremely affordable. With insurance coverage and just a $99.95 co-pay you are saving over 80% off the regular price! When you consider that just one bottle of ten of the leading ED prescription pills is over $160, you can see that a vacuum therapy system is a great bargain!

Question: How long will the system last?

Answer: Your VED system is designed to last a lifetime.

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