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Vacuum Therapy

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Vacuum Therapy

Solving the Problem

When people use the term “erectile dysfunction” (ED), it can mean a few things: inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or the ability to achieve only brief erections. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and feel as if you cannot return to your normal sexual life, you can indeed use vacuum therapy.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by a poor flow of blood to the penis, long-term diabetes, or even some long-term medication. Sometimes surgery for colon or prostate cancer can also damage the penis. Some men loose erectile function due to extra stress and tension of their professional lives.

What is Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum therapy involves a device that can treat erectile dysfunction. The American Urological Association recognizes vacuum therapy as the safest and least expensive treatment available in the market today. Vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction can provide you with safe results and few side effects.

Vacuum Therapy Compared to Other Solutions

Vacuum erection devices also have the benefit of being a non-invasive solution. Penile implants permanently remove a man’s ability to have a natural erection. Injections can cause fibrosis or scar tissue to build up. This can sometimes cause curvature or bending of the penis. Vacuum therapy circumvents all of these problems.

Vacuum therapy can be used as an exercise to prevent atrophy in the penis. Men typically have around 3 to 5 erections each night. If a person has ED, these natural erections do not occur. This can actually result in the penis shrinking in both length and circumference. Vacuum therapy allows men to stretch the penis to maintain their length and size.

Are There Any Risks?

Though there are some risks to vacuum therapy, they are so minimal that they are considered negligible. Some of these risks may include:

  • Potential Pain
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Cold Sensation in the Penis

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